2016-02-11 New photos of Miss Kaiku/ GR.SH.CH Zampanzar Kaiku Breeze  , New photos of the puppies from Sempre and Gregory.

23/9 New photos in the photo gallery page 10.

22/9 Happy Hippo has got his own page,

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8/7-2012  New photos Of Stripe  New photos of Bilbo New Photos of Nouba, New Photos of Kaiku .

21/6-2012 Show News

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24/2-2012 New photos of Loufas puppies. New photos of  Daiquiri

22/2-2012 Zampansar Kaiku Breeze has got her own page,   Serendipity Seventh Heaven has got her own page  , Serendipity Sparlking Smile has gother own pageSerendipity Mamma  Mia has got her own page   Serendipity Made for Final has got her own page and  Serendipity I Was Made For Loving You .

21/2 -2012 New Photos Of Chips/  Atrotos Sun Of The Pitch

20/2-2012 News on Uppcoming Litters


11/2-2012 News on the puppypage.   New photos in the photogallery.  New photos of Bilbo  Nouba got his own page.

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7/1-2009 New Results.

4/1-2009 A Photo slide show of Noelle. New photo of Stripe. New photos of Tango

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