GRCH Naukeen Rancher


My first bitch and the first Greek Champion of the breed, our sweet Raisha left us in October 2003 at the age of 15 years.


She was so sweet and funny that we called her the ballet dancer,

she is unforgettable to all the  people who met her.



Reserve"Best Dog Of The Year" -98 , RBIS,3 x BOG.

My first dog from abroad , a Multi Winner with a strong personality ,and high ingenuity, who gave me great moments in the showrings, but most of them in our everyday life. I want to say "Thank you" to Anneta Michael which  did everything possible for him.



BOB Puppy at the World Championship 2002.

Ther are no words to describe the pain when you loose your"shadow", because that is what Windy was for me ,for us...

So young only 3,5 years old,so unexpected and unjustly...

GRCH Shanlimore Kamilla  



GRCH Pastille Of Glen Sheallag




 GRCH Ossien Of Glen Sheallag


Serendipity Treasured Goddess Artemis  

       GRCH Serendipity Teddy BoyTeddy


      Ten To One Of Glen Sheallag




MED.WIN.05 GRCH Serendipity Bullimi Is A Phainomenon


    INTCH GRCH SU(u)CH RCG-W'04 Woodmore Islone Alone



    GRCH CYPCH RCG-W'06 &'07 Serendipity You Are My Paw